Drawing Board

It all starts with a sketch... That's my philosophy anyhow. I believe that before a designer fires open their favorite design application, they should grab a pencil and paper. Design thinking is best served analog, as well as in front of a whiteboard while cross-functional members can share ...

Gmail Icon – Sketch

Over the past few months, I've dug deeper into using Sketch, a vector-based design application. I must say that at this point, I enjoy designing user-interface elements using it far more than I ever have with Photoshop or Illustrator. It isn't without its quirks of course, as it lacks some of the ...

gmail icon

Mobile Prototyping Pt. 1

Over the past few months I've been experimenting with mobile prototyping. There are a few noteworthy contenders in the space, but I wasn't quite happy with any one of them as my all-in-one. I'd like the interface and ease of one, while the documentation and support of another. Or perhaps it was the ...

Apple Watch Sketch Template

Here's a free sketch template that I've designed for the Apple Watch. Enjoy! [ddownload

Apple Watch Sketch Template